Meditation is not 'going somewhere;'

it's diving deep here, this moment.




11:15 AM | Restorative Yoga Workshop|


Instructor: Bobbie Edwards


Embodying sacred forms:Water, Fire, Earth and Space. Release, Unwind and 

Restore as you experience the elements while inhabiting fundamental asanas. 


12:15 PM | Meditation Workshop| Blue Lotus


Meditation - The path to inner peace

Instructor: Paula Whang-Ramos


Discover the life-enhancing benefits of regular meditation practice!

Experience a simple and natural form of meditation to calm your mind,
relax your body and open your heart. Based on ancient, time-tested teachings,

this meditation technique has helped sincere seekers from all traditions.

Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome for a time of instruction,

inspiration and practice.




1:15 PM | Pranashakthi | Ushasri Ganla


A Taste of Pranashakthi Mahavidya Healing Modality

Introduction to Pranashakthi Mahavidya
Healing Modality and its applications.
Initiation into Intro Level of Pranashakthi
Mahavidya Healing Modality to the participant.
Demo of Touch and Non-touch healing using
Pranashakthi Mahavidya Healing Modality.
Demo of Pranashakthi Healing using Crystals and Rudhraksha malas (beads).
Pranashakthi Chakra Healing Meditation for self and global healing of body, mind, and spirit.



2:15 PM|Yoga Of Design - Vaastu|Sherri Silverman


Raise Your Vibration.
Increase Life-Enhancing Energy.

Dissolve Negative Influences.

Heal your Space with Vastu, The Yoga of Design - the Original Green, Sustainable Design.

Learn Vaastu Tips to Increase Your Health, Abundance and Well Being.