“Peace is our very nature, and 

  yoga leads you to inner peace.”


Whether you are a yoga expert or you have never set foot on a yoga mat, join us as we explore the diversity and depth of this ancient science along with celebrating global cultures.


9:00 AM | Healing Gong Ceremony | Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa


Ceremonial Gong Kickoff for the 3rd YogaFEST





9:05 AM | Opening Prayer/Invocation|Art of Living


Observance of prayers for global peace, harmony, and unity






9:10 AM|Morning Yoga and Divine Sun Salutations|Mount Madonna


Express gratitude to the Sun for making life possible on earth.

Surya Namaskar comprises of 12 yoga postures that keep the

body in shape and the mind calm and healthy. 




9:40 AM|Bharatanatyam Dance Performance|Kalaawishkar Dance Academy


Bharatanatyam, the divine Dance performance by the Kalaawishkar Dance Academy






10:00 AM|Vinayasa Yoga Flow|Pradeep Teotia


Vinyasa Yoga Flow is a dynamic sequence of poses involving synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures.



10:45 AM|Key Note|Mayor of Gilroy

Welcoming Remarks by Mayor of Gilroy - Roland Velasco





10:50 AM|Meditate for Sonoma County|Art of Living


Evoke the meditative state of mind to send prayers and blessings

to the victims of the Sonoma County fires.



11:00 AM|Art of Living Yoga|Kasia Fraser

Mindful movement with the breath, pranayamas, and short meditation.

11:50 AM|African Drums and Dance Performance|Akoma Arts


African Drums and Dance performance by a collection of singers and

dancers promoting community unification through an interactive performance.





12:05 PM|Ayurveda Yoga Flow|Mariko Hirakawa 


Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing science of India, offers practical guidelines

to create a life of balance. In this session, the aim is to pacify the Pitta Dosha,

the bio-energy composed of Fire and Water elements, through a fluid,

creative vinyasa sequence designed to release pent-up stress, tension and

excess heat in your body, while cooling and calming your mind.



12:50 PM|Laughter Yoga|Manoj Joshi


A form of Yoga that promotes the use of laughter as a form of yoga,

exercise leaving you happy and stress-free.




1:05 PM|Venezuelan Dance Performance|Danza Venezuela


Venezuela Music and Dance Performance by a group of passionate dancers.





1:20 PM|Creative Movement|Carolyn Himmelgreen

Bringing people together and connecting through movement and rhythm



1:40 PM|Gentle Hatha Yoga|Darren Main


Meditation in Motion - Gentle physical yoga postures that are connected with

fluid movements that synchronize with the breath. The entire energy body

is cleansed resulting in a deep state of peace and tranquility.



2:30 PM|Guided Meditation for World Peace|Art of Living


Evoke the meditative state of mind to send prayers for world peace.




2:50 PM|Meditative Music and Dance|Chris French and Rena Steiner 


Meditative piece combining music and dance that expresses our sorrow, our joy, our loss and our redemption in the wake of recent events. It is musically framed to convey compassion, uplift, beauty and triumph.





3:00 PM|Chinese Dance|Enlighten Enrichment School

Vibrant Chinese Dance performance by the students of Enlighten School


3:10 PM|The Breath of Life Tribe Music Celebration|Deepak Ramapriyan and Band

An Ecstatic Music and Kirtan Experience that will rock your soul!